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Advertising Does NOT have to Frustrate You!

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

You need a System!

Do you find yourself purchasing advertising while thinking, this isn’t working?  Have you ever signed up for more advertising with the thought, “we just need to keep our name out there.”  Where is out there?  What is it doing with your money?

Are you spending advertising dollars without a plan or any system that provides you certainty of success?

Competition is to tough and budgets are too tight to keep wasting your money.

How long do you want to keep doing what you’ve been doing?

You don’t need me to tell you that you can’t keep throwing good money after bad.  Whether you are wasting $500 or $5000 dollars per month with bad advertising, it is too much money.

To make matters worse, you are losing more than just your advertising money. If you are not creating new customers, you are walking a dangerous road.

You need a System.

I empower frustrated small business advertisers by teaching them how to improve their store traffic through traditional advertising and develop deeper customer relationships with social media.

For 3 decades, I have worked with hard-working, small business owners and operators.  I helped them bring people into their store and keep them coming back.  Jonas will always be one of my favorites.

Jonas was a hard-working restaurant owner who had just about had with the run of the mill advertising programs. He had tried it all.

When I helped Jonas find his real story and tell it the correct way, the real way, people responded and his business grew.  Like Jonas, you have  a story to tell.  Let’s tell it the right way and get you on the road from frustrated advertiser to successful marketer.

You Deserve Advertising Results

If you want to create and implement successful advertising campaigns, I can help you. If you want to learn how to use social media to grow your business, I can help you.

I help frustrated advertisers become successful marketers.  You have to stop focusing on the what (medium) and become zoned in on the who (your business) to get results.

Advertising is telling your story; Marketing is everything that makes up your story.  Bad stories are bad regardless of where and how they are told.  Is it time to move the focus of your advertising from “what” (where you are telling your story) to who (the story you are telling)?

I will show you how to:


  • Improve your story

  • Tell your story better through Traditional Media

  • Develop deeper relationships through Social Media

Let me send you my FREE Advertising Plan Creator.

It has a silly name but offers great advice to help you get better advertising results.